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The Gatekeeper's Challenge Book Tour: Review, Interview, & GIVEAWAY

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That last scene killed me too! It was so hard to read, and even harder to stop reading once it ended!

Actually, in The Gatekeeper's Sons, the middle part was probably my favorite. It may not exactly be in action packed, kill the bad guy mode, but that's where I think the characters felt the most real. I don't like to see the characters that I've just learned to fall in love with suffer, and they were so happy when they were falling in love. I didn't want it to end!

And I suppose you pass the Star Trek test. But only because you mentioned Spock.


My Review

Therese is not perfect. She lies, she makes mistakes, she judges, she hurts people, and she lets her past cloud her future. She doesn't always live up the the expectations placed upon her, yet she's disappointed when others don't meet hers. You want to know why she acts so human? Because she is human, which is a fact that I think so many authors have come to forget. Eva Pohler is not one of them.

Human beings were never meant to be perfect, and the imaginary ones are no exception. They cheat, they lie, and they grovel just like the rest of us. That's why we can relate to them so well. When an author tries to take those characteristics away, trying to "improve" them, they're no longer like us. They don't mean anything.

Therese had been through a lot that past year. People died, they left her all alone, and she doesn't understand why. All she knows is that she will do anything to get them back, or to get back to them. Even if that means she has to die.

Therese does a whole lot of stupid things in this book, most of which have consequences that she, or even the gods, can't erase. People die by her hands, but she regrets it more than words can express. She may not be perfect, but she's not a monster either.

I'm not so sure if I liked Therese more than I just appreciated her. She made me mad more times than I can count, and I was chanting "stupid girl, stupid, stupid girl" right along with Artemis pretty often.

As usual, I absolutely loved a lot of the minor characters, namely Asterion and Ariadne. I was absolutely crushed when Therese had to fight them, especially after they were so kind in letting her pass through the labyrinth unharmed.

Hephaestus I adored as well, mostly because of how human he was willing to act. Unlike many of the other gods (except for maybe Hermes), he was humble and genuinely cared for Therese as a person instead of a creature to do his bidding. You didn't see him expecting her to commit her life to smiths work before he was willing to help, and he was more than willing to comfort her and be that kind face in the crowd.

I was pretty fond of the Holts as well, expect, of course, for Mr. Holt. I hadn't really like Jen that much in the beginning of the first book, but she really pulled on my heartstrings once I learned more about her. Bobby, of course, was adorable, and his enthusiasm was much appreciated.

And then there's Pete. I love, love, love, loved Pete. I'm not saying that he was a better fit for Therese than Than was, but I still absolutely adored him. He was so kind, considerate, and gentle, never doing anything that he thought might upset Therese. He was willing to turn his whole family against him to protect his little sister when she was too afraid to stand up for herself, and he always put others first. He was never rude or cruel to Than even though he was kind of stealing his girl, and I don't think he ever blamed Therese for what she did, even though she deserved it. He was willing to wait so that he wouldn't hurt her, even after he gave up his whole future to stay for the ones he loved. Anything happens to him, and I'm breaking out the pitchforks, understood?

Rating: 5 stars

Ooo, looking back on this now, it seems that I spent too much time fawning over the characters, but I think that's going to be just fine. There are so many books out there that are centered around Greek mythology that I think you have to have above average characters to stand out. Judging from what I wrote above, that can be assured in this book.

But even if you don't believe me (really people, I'm starting to take it personally!), you can read this excerpt from somewhere around halfway through the novel to convince yourself. In this part, Than is talking to his father, Hades, after Therese starts the impossible challenges she must complete in order to prove that she is worthy enough to become a god.


The Excerpt

"“And I thought you were the god of justice!”

“These are challenges, Thanatos. The more challenging, the better the victory.”

“Hah! Admit it. You want her to fail!”

Hades didn’t hide the smile creeping across his face as he stood and met Than’s eyes, their noses inches apart. “I want her to pay! She was an embarrassment to me last summer. If she’s to join us here in my palace, I want her to suffer first.”

“The punishment should fit the crime!” Than said.

“Agreed!” Hades bellowed. “I said those very words to your sisters before you arrived. They want to drag on too long the punishment of a murderer in Paris before they bring him here. I think they are motivated by something other than justice.”

The Furies stood up, their eyes changing from blue in one and brown in the other to dark red. Blood dripped to their cheeks.

“Who doesn’t love Paris?” Tizzie hissed.

“We’ll leave you now,” Meg snarled.

The Furies vanished.

Hades crossed his arms at his chest. “And you are, too, Thanatos.”

“She had compassion for a man who was no longer a threat to her. She refused to kill him in cold blood. How is that a failure?”

“He deserved death. Her parents deserved vengeance. You deserved her to keep her word! She’s the one who let you down, son. Not me. She chose to have mercy on that killer over becoming your wife. Doesn’t that bother you even a little?”

Than’s throat tightened and no words came. He could think of nothing to say. Yes, it had bothered him. It had bothered him a lot. Only her prayers in the aftermath of the battle convinced him of her love. Her prayers, not her actions.

The challenges gave her the opportunity to remedy that. His father was right."

Awesome, huh?

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And because this is the second book in the series, here's a little bit about the first one.

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Eva Pohler teaches writing at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she lives with her husband, three children, two dogs, two rats, and her very large collection of books.

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