Jan 3, 2013


Announcing Our New Giveaways Page (and a Rafflecopter how-to)

Now that we've been hosting more and more blog tours, we've decided that it's time to get organized. We'd already had a label that we put on every post that included a giveaway, but that didn't really help too much because we couldn't keep track of when each of them ended.

So to solve that problem, we've created a new page devoted just to giveaways. Each one listed states when it's going to end and provides a link to the post that has all of the information for it.

We'll remove each giveaway as soon as it expires, so you won't have to worry about entering into one that you're too late to win.

Most of them will be Rafflecopters, simply because they're so easy and user friendly. And just in case you're not that familiar with them, I'll give you a quick little crash course.


At the top of each Rafflecopter form, there's a generic heading:

#1 shows how much time you have left until the form closes and a winner is announced. There's usually a small delay between the exact time it closes and the announcement, depending on how many people entered.

#2 is that number. Remember when you had to learn about probability in lower grade math classes? If Suzie has two green apples and four red ones in a basket, what is the probability that she draws a green one? Yeah.... no. If Suzie really wanted to know what apple she was going to pick up, then she could have opened her eyes when choosing one. The point of this is that the lower that number is, the better your chances are of winning one of the prizes. 1281 is a pretty high number for one of these, but that's just because you have so many entries that you can complete.

Which brings us to #3. Pretty self explanatory. It tells you how many entries you've completed out of the number that are offered.

Then you get to the good stuff: what's actually being given away. This is located right below the heading.

And right underneath that is where you can log in using either an e-mail address or a Facebook account. No need to register.

Once you do that, you get something along the lines of this:

These are all of your entries. Each one is a task that you can complete to earn a certain number of entries. Just click on one of the little boxes on the right, follow the instructions it gives, and click on the green box in the bottom right of the little area that pops up.

Easy as pie. It's usually pretty easy to figure out on your own, so I'm sorry if it seems like I dumbed it down too much. Good luck!

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