Feb 17, 2013


Update: 2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge (January) & 2 GIVEAWAYS!!!

The time has come! The first month of the challenge is over! I know that it's no longer January, but better late than never, right? Right? RIGHT?! Please say yes.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is the 2013 TBR Reading Challenge, hosted by Fiktshun, Bookish, Justin's Book Blog, Escaping... One Book at a Time, Words at Home, and Doodle's Book Blog. My little introduction post is here.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way, let's get on with it. The first wrap-up post was done by Evie over at Bookish and can be found here.

The mini challenge she's holding is to create a poem out of the spines of books. All of the information for that is also included in her post.

And now, drum roll please.... Here's my entry!

Yeah, not as awesome as I'd hoped, but it was the best that I could come up with! Though there are a few too many classics in there for my tastes.

And, just as a recap, here are the books I read in January for the challenge. Just click on the cover for the review.

And here are the ones Gabby read:


Okay, so that's all there is for that. The other thing I wanted to remind you guys about is the two giveaways we are hosting here that end tomorrow.

Remember, these are just for our blog, so your chances of winning are ridiculously high. Especially because no one has entered yet! So get a move on and go win a book!

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