Dec 3, 2012


Attractive Characters # 8: Puck aka Robin Goodfellow

Best. Dude. Faery. EVER!!!!

If you have ever had the privilege of reading "A Midnight Summer's Dream," by our loved Bard, Bill Shakespeare, then you know who Robin Goodfellow is. Or as he is used to being called, Puck. He is a trickster, a prankster, a boy who loves to play tricks on people, especially those who are higher ranked than him.

And in Julie Kagawa's amazing quartet, he is no different. He is the friend, the older brother that never happened, the romance that didn't work out, the person who makes the whole series worth reading. Or maybe that's Ash....I don't know, its a close call!

When the beginning of the trilogy starts in "The Iron King," we get to know Puck as Robbie Goodfellow, the best friend of the protagonist, Meghan Chase. He is the one who stays by her side, constantly the protector, always making sure she is safe. And then...BOOM! Reality hits. Or maybe it's more of a supernaturality that allows us to see Puck for who he truly is: a Faery of the Summer court. He is the Summer Court's trickster, the joker. He is also King Oberon's pet; the person who he put in charge of keeping his daughter safe. I suppose now should be the moment when I throw in that Oberon is the King of Summer/Seelie Court where he reigns with his rhymes-with-witch wife, Titania. Oberon also happens to be the father of Meghan, a fact that was unknown up until Puck dragged her into the Nevernever.

One of the best qualities about Puck is that he happens to be one of the most loyal, entertaining and funniest characters in the whole series. He loves to make fun of people in the most sarcastic manner and as much as some people not find that appealing, it's quite charming. He has a way to make the most dire of   circumstances into one of the most funny. Sure, there might be instances where  he and his fellow partner, Ash, might be in a near-death experience,but somehow, someway, Puck manages to turn the situation funny. Maybe not to Ash or whoever he happens to be with, but to the reader, us, he does. A smart remark can go a long way into making any situation funny and maybe even a bit more bearable. Though, it's not a lie when I state that he tends to become a tad bit sidetracked when he sees an opportunity to make a situation worse if it involves inflicting anything embarrassing onto an enemy. Like the time when he tied a house's chicken legs together and when it tried to chase after him, it fell. But that's another story for another time.

One more thing about Puck that makes him way more lovable. He is loyal. He loves Meghan so much, that no matter how many times she pushes him away, he always bounces back, sometimes as a person, sometimes as a raven. Either way, he comes back and he never lets the people that he cares about down. Despite the fact that he loves her, he still manages to love her enough to let her go in the end. And isn't that what love truly is?


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