Aug 7, 2012


Attractive Characters #1: Murtagh Morzansson

             So am I the only one who has read the Eragon series? If so, here is a recap: it's about a farmer boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg in the mountains of his homeland and who takes the egg home. He eventually flees his hometown with a fellow villager names Brom the Storyteller, (Yes, that is his formal title) and goes to a secret society called the Varden who take him in and who help him with his dragon, The dragon's name is Saphira by the way.
            Now, along the way to the Varden, Eragon and Saphira face some serious encounters. One of them is fighting the creatures the evil king, Galbatorix, sends. The creatures are called the Raa'zac. They are evil and they wound Brom who was in turn trying to protect Eragon. The fight ensues and it appears as though the Raa'zac are going to win...until a mysterious stranger comes along and helps them. Turns out that the stranger is also on the run from the government and he is also trying to stay alive. That stranger is Murtagh Morzansson.
           Now, I don't plan on revealing all of Murtagh's characteristics due to the fact that there may be some people that haven't read the books and I don't want to ruin the series. So all I have to say is that Murtagh and Eragon happen to have more in common than they originally anticipated. They are both against the king and they both are AMAZING fighters. Swordsmen, to me more accurate. Here, I composed a list of why Murtagh is an attractive character, and not just in appearances.

This is the person that I find most suitable to portray this godly character. Granted, he is the one that already plays him, but still. Good choice, Hollywood.

  1. He is a skilled fighter. Who wouldn't love to be able to wield a sword and be able to kick butt? Plus, he used those skills to save Brom and Eragon so that has to count for something. 
  2. He is mysterious. He doesn't mention a whole lot about his past and avoids the subject entirely when mention of the Varden comes up. Plus, he has a scar across the whole of his back and he never mentions how he came to wield it. Well, he does but that is a discussion for another time. 
  3. He has dark features. Black-brown hair, gray eyes, and a tanned complexion. Who wouldn't find that even remotely attractive???? 
Now, this is what I am going to post weekly. Not this, obviously, but a different character each week. Sometimes, I will post a girl, sometimes a guy. Thanks for reading! Email me some characters that you might like me to review. I shall be happy to comply!!


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