Aug 4, 2014


Being Blog Tour: Guest Post & GIVEAWAY!!!

I LOVE the summary for Being! It paints such a mysterious and enticing image of what may be going on with the main character, and I think it's going to be one of those books that you just can't wait to figure out. Take a look!

Being by Mechelle Morrison 

Seventeen-year-old Shepherd doesn’t believe in stuff he can’t explain, like ghosts or life after death. So when he awakens in a strange city, seventy-five years ahead of where he was at breakfast, he’s understandably confused. But not alone. His sister’s there. So is the family cat.

Five minutes into their new future, Shepherd witnesses a murder. He finds a strange marble with a sun-colored shadow. It begins to rain, his sister wants to go home, the cat runs away. Stranger still, the people on the sidewalk don't seem to see him. No one can hear him. Until he meets Tienne. It’s not love, but it could be. She’s got fabulous blue eyes. At least that’s what Shepherd thought right before she fainted.

What he doesn’t know is that Tienne knows everything about him—even the dark secret he created in a previous life. His secret would explain his situation and a whole lot more, if he could remember it. Which he can’t. Tienne wants to help, but she once swore she’d keep his secret—even from him. And she’s not the kind of girl to break her word.

Deep down, Shepherd knows he’s forgotten something major. But he doesn’t want to remember; in fact, he does everything in his power not to.

Until someone tries to kill Tienne.

BEING is a different kind of ghost story about the power of memory, the nature of the universe and just how far one boy will go to ensure the love of his life lasts . . . forever.


As a child I filled my journals with someday-my-prince-will-come fantasies. Then one day my prince arrived, driving a silver Tundra, and we adopted a fine daughter. Life got busy—work, family, daily cooking—but I still spend my evenings giving voice to the stories inside my head. Only now instead of locking them away, I publish them.

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Guest Post

BEING takes you on one boy’s journey to find himself and his true place in the universe. The complexity of his journey required years of thought to get it right—not to mention endless drafts. I love how all that thinking found its way into my character’s dialogue. Here are six of my favorite quotes.

“Hell is a mortal word for trash can.” – Luq Marton (Tienne’s brother)

“You didn’t know any better than to lose yourself to becoming something other than who you are the instant you were exposed to a different point of view.” –Luq Marton

“Gods concern themselves with being worshipped, non? They get their fingers dirty in the little details of who did what to whom and why.” –Sabine Vantard (Tienne & Luq’s cousin)

“Madame Fran├žoise does not easily part with her fruit.”—Tienne Marton (Shepherd’s love interest)

“There’s no joy in it, but I feel vindicated.”—Elly Sebastian (Shepherd’s younger sister)

“My love for her becomes my voice.”—Shepherd Sebastian (the main character)

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