Mar 10, 2014


Review of The Anchor That Stopped the World by Agostino Scafidi

Hi everyone!! I'm back from being AWOL... I sincerely apologize, but here I am with a review for you all. I love you all so much I felt the need to warn you all about my latest book review... it's intense. So hold on.

The Anchor that Stopped the World by Agostino Scafidi

The story is about Martin Rizzo and the bad things that are happening to the people around him. A man with curiously superhero-like abilities who wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and finds himself captive. The story unravels from there and involves various organized crime factions. A Crime fiction, the story takes place in Montreal.


The plot was amazing. Anyone who loves to read about murder, angst, crime, and evading the police would definitely get a kick out of this. Plot wise, there is truly nothing to be desired. The characters are alive, full of action, and surprisingly realistic. Scafidi truly captures the essence of what being a criminal is. He captures the inner ego of a person intent on revenge, on avenging a person he cared about. The way Scafidi describes the protagonist's, Martin Rizzo's, thirst for revenge is superb.

Although a tad bit wanting where diction and syntax is concerned, the story is a good one. There is a need for more description and more action in some areas, but altogether, the plot and ending of the story is enough to satisfy any blood thirsty reader.

Now, for the hard part. As a reader, I love to read.... obviously. What I despise, though, is reading something I anticipate will be good then being disappointed because of how terrible a book it was. Again, I repeat, in the summary, the books sounds good. Amazing even. But I DESPISED, absolutely LOATHED, the way this book was written. It was too immature, lacking in description, and written with the diction of a sixth grader. I know that sounds harsh, and I also despise being the bearer of bad news, but it is also true.

My Rating:

Agostino Scafidi is an author, musician and photographer who was born and raised in Montreal, QC of Sicilian descent. As soon as he learned to write he began writing stories for fun. Also at a young age he received his first guitar, a nylon stringed classical guitar. His child's curiosity would keep him interested in playing from then on and at the age of 14 he bought his first electric guitar. Agostino also began exploring the world of photography around that time and his interest never died. In August of 2013 Agostino independently published his first novel The Anchor That Stopped The World in eBook format.

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