Jan 30, 2014


Alchemy Blog Tour: Excerpt

The concept for this book is so cool! I don't want to ruin anything for you, but I highly suggest that you read the excerpt so you can understand what I'm talking about!

Alchemy by Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse, and Sabrina West

We didn’t know how much we had to lose until we were infected with magic. Sam was in love, Juliette was the main caretaker for her siblings, and Ana and her dad planned the best parties in New York. But we lost it all when we were shipped to Chebeague, an exclusive school for newly infected mages.

Everyone knows about the mages, those who survive the infection and end up with magical abilities. We’ve seen the power of magic, the high-paying jobs, and the world fame. But we never saw the cost. We didn’t know we’d be forced to give up everything: sanity, family, even the right to talk on the phone.

We didn’t know mage was just another word for prisoner.

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Sabrina West, Sheena Boekweg and Melanie Crouse never dreamed they would actually create a book worth publishing when they started writing together. Alchemy was merely supposed to be an exercise in flexibility. And it has been that, but it is so much more. Friendships that span the American continent have been forged, and unforgettable characters have been created.

Writing this first book in the Prophecy Breakers was a fun-filled adventure, and we hope that reading it is just as fun for you.

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In the middle of the street, the semi truck was cut in half, right down the middle. Smoke and embers licked the scorched edges. All that was left of the front seat was this blackened lumped shape that I prayed to God wasn’t the driver. The air was filled with the smell of burnt hair. Fire blazed up my arms, and it didn’t hurt.

I tried to catch my breath as I looked around, but I couldn’t fill my lungs. It was like I was breathing through a straw. Police lights ricocheted across the street. Three black SUVs came to a stop behind the police cars, and MPB agents flooded out. My mom put her hands up, but they shoved her to the asphalt, and then circled me with their guns aimed at my head. A wave of madness trickled in, and every one of the MPB agents had Spencer Teriolli’s face.

I didn’t want him to hurt me again. And I wasn’t going to let him.

A whole patch of time was gone, and all I could remember are these flashes of reality through this wall of black. The fire and smoke followed behind me. Every time I woke up, I was running somewhere different, with smoke seeping from my skin. I didn’t understand where I was in most of the places that appeared in the flashes of cognizance, but I knew Katie’s house when I saw it. She came out to greet me. For a second, as she put her phone into her purse, it was like before I had been infected. Her body was perfection in a bright yellow summer dress. Her skin was a warm caramel from being outside so much, and her long dark blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

“I was starting to get worried,” she said as she rummaged through her purse for her keys to lock up. “You never texted me back.”

She locked the door and turned to me. Horror flashed over her perfect face, and she dropped her keys.

“Sam,” her voice was empty, “your arms.”

Flames danced across my forearms.

“No,” she took a step back. Tears pooled in her eyes, and in that second, I saw the death of our relationship. Years of my life ended in that second.

I put my hand out to her. “I’m running,” I said stupidly. “Run with me.”

I really thought she would. I thought we were enough, that our love was enough to start a life on.

“Sam,” she said my name like she was saying goodbye. “No. I can’t.” Her long dark blonde ponytail tossed as she shook her head, as she whispered no over and over and over. The darkness seeped into my vision as my heart broke.

Katie stepped closer to me, and kissed me. She tasted like her tears, or maybe they were mine. I’m not sure.

The MPB agents pulled their black SUVs into Katie’s cul-de-sac. “Run, Sam,” Katie said, pulling my arm.

“Without you I have nowhere to run,” I said, fighting to control my mouth, and knowing those words were my goodbye.

“Step away from the mage,” an MPB agent yelled from her car. Guns were raised and pointed at us. I could feel them on me, the lasers shaking as they lit my shirt red.

“Go, Katie,” I said. Katie shook her head and clung to my arm. I flexed my hands and the fire burst from my fingertips. Katie took a step back. “They’ll kill you, Katie.”

Katie took three steps backwards, and then turned and ran into her house. The MPB agents caught up with me then, and they shoved me onto the grass on Katie’s yard. Katie’s parents looked on, holding Katie back from the window. It was the same window we had stood in front of to take our prom pictures. I tried to watch her, to see her for the last time, though at the same time, I didn’t want her to see me like this. I didn’t want her to smell the magic on me.

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