Aug 21, 2013


Review of Trapped Under Ice by M.J. Schiller

Hey, it's Gabby again! Sorry for having disappeared on you all!!! Thank you for being patient and let's celebrate my return with a review of an amazing new book!

Trapped Under Ice by M.J. Schiller

TRAPPED UNDER ICE is a novel about a three time platinum record-producing band whose lead singer, Chad Evans, is haunted by his past. Growing up in an abusive home, then being left alone at the age of thirteen to raise his kid brother, Chad still fights the pain he felt as a child, and the anger it causes, despite being a wildly successful rock star. “Chad [tries] to play his heart out on the stage; but he [can] never quite seem to leave it there.”

Beth Donovan, lunch lady/writer, is thrilled to be enjoying a Trapped Under Ice concert with her daughter, Cassie. Even though it has been three years since her husband, Paul’s, death, sorrow still shadows her life, so the distraction of seeing her favorite group is a welcome one. However, when the concert is over, Beth and her daughter are followed and attacked by two men in one of the stadium’s bathrooms. When Chad and his bodyguard, Pete, come to their aid, an attraction sparks immediately between Beth and the tall singer.

Though the pair is drawn to each other, the relationship goes through numerous trials centered on Chad’s unresolved anger, and Beth’s fear of opening herself up again. In addition they face being separated forever by someone who is sending Chad death threats. Trapped Under Ice is the story of a love-affair fraught with difficulties from without, (ex-girlfriends who resurface, crazed fans who don’t want to take “no” for an answer…), as well as difficulties from within, (jealousy, anger, fear…). Will Chad and Beth be able to rise above these trials and tribulations? Or will they remain trapped under ice?

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So, let's all be honest here: wouldn't every female on this planet just LOVE to be the wife/girlfriend/confidant of a famous rocker? Wouldn't every female love to have that simple connection with that perfect someone, and wouldn't it be even better if that perfect someone just happened to be a tall, slim, muscular, rockstar?

After having read this rockstar romance, I was forced to look at another angle of what romance really means. I am now aware that romance isn't just about love, sex, and marriage; it's about being a part of someone who you know will never abandon you and sticking up for what you truly believe in. M.J. Schiller truly captures the essence of that in this amazing, realistic fiction thriller, Trapped Under Ice.

In this book, we have a protagonist, obviously, a Ms. Beth Donovan, who is a widow of three years, left to raise her teenage daughter Cassie. Trapped Under Ice is the name of a famous band (similar to today's Three Days Grace or Muse) who the Donovan ladies are fairly fond of. At the beginning we meet the famous lead singer of the band, Chad Evans (even the name sounds sexy) who has his own personal demons that he deals with through philandering. The gist of the book is about Beth and Chad meeting under scary circumstances, but nonetheless, they feel a spark that neither can seem to deny. After several dates, they become the couple everyone is envious of. Except one person.... the person who doesn't want Chad to be happy. Are these death threats and anonymous notes left for Chad by an envious ex-girlfriend? Or is the culprit closer than Beth and Chad would like to imagine?

Read this amazing book and find out for yourself! Three cheers to Ms. Schiller for doing an outstanding job on her latest novel!

My Rating:


“She’s his only hope,” Pete said aloud to the empty room, “and he’s going to blow it.”

Chad leaned against the door with his eyes shut, breathing a deep sigh of relief. He sensed Pete’s urge to tell Beth everything, every fight he’d been in, his DUI, all of the awful things the old Chad did. But now that he had her in his life, he wasn’t going to stray down that path again.

Then, why the fight tonight? He suddenly felt tired beyond bearing.

“Chad, are you okay?”

Yeah. Now that’s the question, isn’t it? He could hear his father’s voice inside his head like a repeating rifle. “I’m fine.” He sighed in a way that indicated he was anything but. He stumbled over to the bed and fell into it.

She lumbered over to the bed, trancelike, and stood over him, saying at last, “I have to go.”

His eyes popped open. “No. Not yet.” He grabbed her hand and sat up at the end of the bed. “Come here,” he pleaded, pulling her down into his lap. “I’m so sorry, Beth. I should have let you handle it. I shouldn’t have gone berserk. I was a complete and utter ass. Will you forgive me?"

She pushed the hair away from his face with her fingertips, sighing. “I already did. We all make mistakes, Chad.”


  1. Wow! I'm so glad that you enjoyed TRAPPED UNDER ICE! It's even cooler that you used the names of two of my favorite bands in your review! I LOVE Three Days Grace and am sad that Adam Gontier left the group. Thank you so much for reading TRAPPED UNDER ICE and for sharing it with your readers and helping me to get the word out about it!

    1. I am so glad that you loved the review! I loved reading this, it was certainly a new experience for me! I am also HUGE fan of Three Days Grace and I agree with you about Adam G. If you ever need another book review, you know where to ask!!


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