Jul 7, 2013


A Bumbling Caretaker Arrives

Warmest greetings, readers of Marked By Books!

       As Taylor has been incapacitated by social obligation and Gabby is exploring the Amazon (or some such pressing matter), I, Maia, have been given responsibility of Marked By Books in their absence. This may not have been the most cunning of choices. I am renowned for my striking lack of capability around this tumbling sphere we call the Earth. However, I will do my utmost to keep this blog up and running as it should be!
     I will try my best to be a responsible babysitter of the blog. Please be patient with me, as I've not yet mastered the arcane art of blogsmithing. Posts will be as well-made and on-time as I can make them! If all else fails I will try pathetically to charm you with obtuse posts about literature.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

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