Jun 3, 2013


My Deepest Apologies and an Opportunity

Picture me now as a little puppy that comes trudging into your living room with a chewed up slipper in my mouth. My tail is tucked between my legs, my ears are droopy, and I'm looking up at you with the saddest of puppy eyes. If that look doesn't say "sorry," then I don't know what does.

So, unless I have some really weird sleepwalking/eating habits, I don't think I've chewed up your slippers, but I still want to apologize for being so absent lately. I've been away from home this week with a very spotty and sometimes nonexistent web connection, and just now I finally learned how to make it work. At least when the heavens are shining down upon me and it deems me worthy enough to work correctly. Which is not often.

The bad news is that this situation is going to continue for the next month, meaning that my posts may be much less frequent now that Gabby's not here to pick up my slack. I will still find a way somehow to post for all of the authors' tours that I've signed up for, so you shouldn't have to miss me completely.

I do kind of have an idea to help, but I'm not sure how much interest there is out there. If anybody reading this has any interest whatsoever in writing book-related posts (or even just one) that I can place up here periodically, that would help me out a lot. If you're interested, just shoot me an e-mail at markedbybooks@gmail.com. Or if you may perhaps know somebody who would like to do that, it would be great if you could let them know as well.

Even if you can't or don't want to do that now, you guys are always welcome to talk to me if you have an idea for a post that you would like to write up here, at any time. Blogging, especially as a student, takes up a heck of a lot of my time, and I really feel like I'm letting everybody down when something comes up and I suddenly disappear.

Right now, that's all I've got, but I'll try to be present here as much as I possibly can for the rest of June. Bye for now!

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