May 23, 2013


Timebound's a 2013 ABNA Finalist!

Do you guys remember a few months ago when I went a little crazy over a new book I had just read? I hadn't been able to sleep much because I couldn't put the book down. At first I thought that everything was going swimmingly, but then I would just end my sentence with the wrong cranberry (anybody else seen Iron Man 3 yet?). So I decided that I had better spare you all, go to bed, and write my official review a little later. If you're interested in seeing what happens when I become sleep deprived, you can read my initial thoughts of the novel here, and my longer review here.

Well, my obsession hasn't changed one bit, but the title has! Now the amazing novel formerly known as Time's Twisted Arrow is called Timebound. And do you know what's even more incredible? It just won the Young Adult division for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!

I am so happy for Rysa right now. She definitely deserves all of this because her book is fantastic! But now she needs our help. She's already won the award for Young Adult novels, but she still has one more round of voting to go through before Timebound can earn its rightful place as the Grand Prize Winner.

So go over to Amazon and vote right now! Please! And just so my point comes across, you can cast your vote by clicking on the link right....






Hey, I never said I was subtle.

If you don't trust my personal judgement (why not just rip my heart out?!) you can read the first few thousand words of the book here for free. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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