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Fraction of Stone Blog Tour: Review & GIVEAWAY

I'm really, really excited for this book's tour. Fraction of Stone was such an incredible read, and I'm dying right now having reached the end. The next book can't come soon enough!

There is only one among the Tarmack nation with the ability to wield magic, eighteen-year-old Rydan Gale. He lives like a prince, cherished for his talent to bend the fabric of the universe to his will. In the war against the Liasam, he is their ultimate weapon.

The Liasam have a source of magic as well, but Akara’s mastery of her power is rudimentary at best. With a brilliant display of fire-rain Rydan’s side wins the war, giving the Tarmack sole control over dwindling resources due to the natural disasters ripping apart the earth.

When Akara is sentenced to death, Rydan questions the motive, and discovers the leaders of the newly unified nation fear magic above all else. With war a memory, his skills no longer needed, Rydan suspects he is next. Throwing away every comfort, he pulls Akara from the flames of her execution and their lives as fugitives begin.

Both have a tattoo on the back of their neck, the mark of an extinguished tribe. They discover the natural disasters plaguing the world are due to the tribe’s demise and only Rydan and Akara can save the crumbling world.

But the greatest obstacle for saving mankind isn’t the bizarre creatures and determined men hunting them.

It’s that Akara doesn’t believe the world is worth saving.

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For When Words Just Aren't Enough

During Kelley Lynn’s last year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, while pursuing her degree in Chemical Engineering, the voices in her head got the best of her. Surprisingly, they didn’t want to talk about process flow diagrams and heat capacity. They preferred the fantastical. So instead of turning to her Thermodynamics book, Kelley brought up a blank page on her computer screen and wrote.

Come graduation, not only did Kelley have a diploma and, thankfully, a wonderful job, but she had a new obsession as well. Amidst the order and exactness that came with the nine to five, Kelley found a way to create; to determine the rules of a world and take her characters to the limits of what was possible. Perhaps she has a slight control complex.

The first in the series, Fraction of Stone, was born on an airplane and took ten days to write. It probes the question, should the world be saved if there’s no one in it worth saving?

When briefly managing to quiet the voices, Kelley participates in softball, soccer and volleyball. (You probably don’t want her on your volleyball team. Unless you want to laugh.) She lives with her sister and her dog who can attest to the chair that has Kelley’s butt print permanently pressed into it. Depending on the weekend, you might be able to hear Kelley sing for an area classic rock band.

Kelley Lynn is a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.

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My Review

For those of you who have been watching what I've been reading lately, you may have noticed that I just finished Mastiff by Tamora Pierce, the third and final book in the Beka Cooper series. Now you might be wondering why I'm even bringing that up. You'd say to yourself, "But Taylor, this book isn't written by Tamora Pierce!" And you would be correct.

The reason that I brought it up was to lead into the idea of epic fantasy. And when I say "epic," I really do mean "EPIC." It's not called "boring fantasy," or "ho-hum fantasy," but "epic fantasy." It means that throughout the whole novel, the characters drag you along on an adventure that is too fantastic to exist in our own world so an entirely new one has to be created so that they may tell their story. Just like what Tamora Pierce writes, and just like this.

Now if you don't know me that well, you may not understand the gravity of what I just said. When I compare a book to something that Tamora Pierce has written, it is not to be taken lightly. She is pretty much my favorite author. EVER. Her books transport me to a world that I never want to leave and introduce me to characters that I refuse to say goodbye to. And now I can say all of that again for Fraction of Stone.

This book is good. And I mean really good. I completely loved it. The writing is absolutely beautiful, and the story is amazing, not to mention that all of the characters are awesome. Well, the nice ones are anyway.

It really shows that Kelley Lynn put a lot of hard work into this book. The characterization of the two main characters is unbelievable, and their development is even more so. Both Akara and Rydan go through incredible changes throughout the novel, but all of them are completely seamless. I probably couldn't even pinpoint exactly how each of the changes occurred because it just felt like they flowed from one version of themselves to another.

In the beginning, Akara wanted nothing more than to be free of the pain caused by those who forced her to kill in the name of "freedom." Rydan just wanted to keep living the high life, unaware of those who had to suffer for him to succeed. Neither of them knew who they really were, just that the one thing that made them different from everybody else was also what united them.

They didn't even like each other at first. Sure, Akara was eventually grateful for what Rydan had to give up to save her, but both of them knew he only did it for selfish reasons. He treated the whole thing like a game, the key he needed to return to his place of honor. But soon those who he used to think respected him treat him like a monster, and he starts to understand why Akara believes that humanity doesn't deserve a second chance on life.

It takes a pretty strong person to be willing to save the people who've tried to kill them. When you witness firsthand all of the horrible things people are able to do, you start to wonder why they even deserve to live. Suddenly, the apocalypse isn't  just the end of the world, it's the end of everything bad that comes along with it. It's like the universe's ultimate version of karma. And when all you've ever seen is the dark side of humanity, you can't help but think that maybe it's the right thing after all.

Rating: 5 stars

""Why wouldn't you let me heal you?" If she wasn't going to pick the course of the conversation, he would. Rydan brushed the ground clear of debris and took his seat again.

"Because I deserve the pain."

The answer hit him in the gut, the next question on his mind flew away with the forced exhale, and Akara continued.

"And because it's a reminder of how cruel the world is. If I'm to live, I want to make sure it's etched in my brain."

"So, in your mind, everyone is evil."

"That's a simplified version, but yes. To one degree or another."

"Including yourself?" The girl was full of surprises. Nothing that came out of her mouth was what he expected. His frustration turned to fascination and utter confusion.

"Especially myself.""

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  1. Taylor, there are no words to describe how HAPPY I am reading your review right now. I have not read anything by Tamora Pierce but you can bet I'm adding her to my TBR list right now! Thank you, so, SO much, for enjoying my work and for taking the time to review it.

    1. I'm so glad I could help! I loved your book!


  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I received my kindle copy today. Can't wait to start reading it.

    1. Congratulations, Tammy! I really hope you like the book. I thought it was awesome!

  3. I'm really, really excited for this book's tour. Fraction of Stone was such an incredible read, and I'm dying right now having reached the end. The next book can't come soon enough!
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