Feb 19, 2013


With All My Soul Mini-Reading Challenge

Remember way back when, when Fiktshun hosted the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge for the release of Before I Wake? Good times, good times.... At least for me anyway. That was the beginning of it all.

Ah, memories.

I'd always loved Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series, and was an avid reader of her blog. Well about a year ago (has it really been that long?!) I was looking around over there, and I read something about this goddess-like, vision of perfection, all hallowed by her name woman called Rachel. She was hosting a reading challenge for the entire series via her blog, Fiktshun.

So, I was like eh, what the heck. (Actually it was more like an extremely hyperventilation-filled few weeks before I finally decided that I might like to try writing reviews.) Of course, I'd already read the books, but I'd never done anything other than talk about them with my friends. And shoved them in their faces until they realized how wonderful they were.

What can I say? I'm passionate when it comes to books!

A few re-reads and near aneurisms later, I had written a handful of reviews to find out that I actually enjoyed myself. Not to mention discovered Fiktshun, which I still really look up to. But in that time, I started thinking about writing some more reviews. So, I struck up a nonchalant conversation with Gabby and subtly hinted shoved her towards the idea of creating a blog with me. And what do you know, she agreed.

And as a piercing cry was heard in the night, Marked By Books was born.

I ended up re-posting those reviews I had written for the challenge as the first ones over here. I had used a different name then (don't ask me why I chose that one; there's a reason, I'm just not going to tell you), but the reviews were still the same. They were just over here instead of being on the blog Rachel had created for the challenge.

And that's about the end of the story. But wait, it continues! Because Rachel has created a mini-challenge for the release of With All My Soul, which is the last book in the series! I can't believe it's going to be over after this one! I think I'm going to cry! At least thanks to Rachel at Fiktshun, it can go out with a bang!

You can read the rules and sign up for the challenge at her post here.

Good luck!

Oh, and on a completely off topic subject, I'm sorta extending the deadlines for The Voice and The Boys of Summer giveaways because we still haven't had any entries! I definitely have to have the one for The Voice finalized by the 20th, so you have until that night to sign up. And until the night of the 22nd for The Boys of Summer. But after that, I really can't extend them anymore. You guys should all sign up, they're both really good!

Look on the "Current Giveaways" page at the top for the links!

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