Jan 25, 2013


Blood Shadows Book Tour: Thoughts, Interview, & Preview

Welcome to our stop of Lindsay J. Pryor's Blood Shadows book tour, hosted by

Lindsay J. Pryor's debut novel. I know she said that she's been writing unprofessionally for years, but still. Wow.

First off, I absolutely adore the world she's put into place here. Everything is so well formed with its own history and culture that it really feels like I'm living in Blackthorn whenever I'm reading. Every character has a story to tell (or not to tell if they have anything to say about it), and I love to hear from them all.

My favorite parts of the novel come more from Kane's perspective, even though I feel like I probably shouldn't like him so much. He's extremely manipulative, devious, and follows his own agenda at all costs, but he's a very interesting character to follow, so I love him anyway.

The things about Blood Shadows that I've appreciated the most so far is how invested the author gets into the little details. She won't just skim over the minor plot points and give a little summary and say that this and this and this happened, but it doesn't really matter too much.... Of course it matters! If it's not important, then it doesn't need to be in there at all! The little details really do count when you throw yourself into a story, and I'm really glad that they're not forgotten here.

So you could definitely say that it's so far, so good. Or, so far, so AWESOME! The plot has dragged me around all over the place, and I've been guessing the entire time. I'm still in the midst of trying to figure out exactly what's going on and who's up to what, but there's no way that I'm giving up now. I love the story, and I love the characters, and I really love the world they're living in. If I was rating just what I've read so far, I'd say that five stars aren't nearly enough to even begin to cover it.

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  1. Hi Taylor! You're totally forgiven for not having finished Blood Shadows yet. I'm just so thrilled you're enjoying it! Thanks for the awesome review so far. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest. I'll keep a look out for when you post the full review.

    1. Thank you! I really have loved the book so far, so it shouldn't be long before I've completely finished it. I should have the review up after the weekend!



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