Dec 26, 2012


Top 10 of 2012: Best "Best Friends" of 2012

So today is the reader's choice day of this event, and I've decided to spotlight all of the awesome best friends in the books I've read this year. They never seem to get enough credit having to go up against all of the boyfriends and villains out there. I think it's their time to shine for all of the awesome things they do.

I'd also like to thank all of my wonderful friends who have put up with me this year, especially Gabby for being willing to start this crazy blog with me. Everybody say hi to Gabby! She's been busy for a while, but hopefully she'll be back soon!



Emma is absolutely incredible. She is hilarious and means so much to every story. Not to mention she means everything to Kaylee, and Kaylee means everything to her. (highlight this next part to read it, it contains spoilers from Before I Wake -->) When she died, I almost stopped breathing because I was going to miss her so much. Luckily she came back so it's good to know I won't have to hurt the wonderful author.


There's always one of them. That overzealous but completely fantastic gay guy that would give their own leg to help their friend. They tend not to be popular around a lot of people, but they are so loyal to that one character who's willing to give them a chance. They are almost always my favorite character because of all of their awesome spunk.


I usually don't like those best friends of female main characters that always want to be "more than friends." Sometimes they're really adorable and sweet, but usually they care more about being the boyfriend than just being a good friend. That just makes me mad. Really mad. Daniel is the exception. Even though Maya has sort of chosen the "other guy," he's still willing to fight for her without neglecting their friendship, which I really appreciate.


Yeah, I know this book is a little older, but I actually did read it this year, so it still counts. And Pan is just too cool to pass up. Everybody needs a Pan. Lyra would be next to nothing without him. He cares so much about her, and who wouldn't want this shape-shifting daemon as a best friend?


This girl.... is the happiest, bounciest friend I've ever read about. Dee is so full of energy and sunshine that nobody can resist her, and it doesn't take long for Katy to fall under her spell as well. Regardless of Daemon's.... attitude.... Dee is always there for Katy and stands up for her when others are trying to make her life miserable. She's amazing.

Meredith & Della

Kylie was in an, uh, special mood when she first arrived at Shadow Falls. She was terrified and wary of everybody at the camp, including these girls. Her former best friend had bailed on her, her knight was missing his shining armor, and her parents weren't exactly being supportive. Meredith and Della pulled her through all of this. Especially later in the series, they both stepped out more to really fight for Kylie and stop anyone from hurting her.

Bernie Kosar / Hadley

Anybody who tries to argue this one with me is going to feel my wrath. Man's best friend totally counts. Technically, Bernie isn't even a dog. He's better, and he can really kick some butt. John/Four wouldn't still be there without him, and this "little guy" definitely made the cold Ohio winter nights more bearable.


Grover's definitely a strange one, but he's still pretty awesome. Percy would still be stuck in those pointless schools for "troubled children" if he wasn't there to get him out and introduce him to the wonderful world of Greek demigods. I'm pretty sure he's also the cheapest friend on this list. Being able to eat metal cans and other packaging garbage certainly saves you money when you're on those quests to save the world.


Eragon is one lucky guy. Not everybody gets to have a dragon as a best friend. Especially one that lives her life just for you and has been waiting years on end to find you before being born.... er, I mean hatched. They always know what the other is thinking (literally) and it's obvious that Saphira would give her life any day to protect Eragon and keep him safe.


If anybody dares to say that Pounce is just a simple cat, they aren't going to live long enough to regret it. He's a constellation thank you very much. Not to be meddling in any human affairs, you must remember, but always there to help Beka out and crack a very dry "holier than thou" joke to break up the monotony of a Hunt. I'm not usually a huge fan of cats (sorry, constellations!), but Pounce is just too cool to forget.





So what would you guys have chosen to spotlight on this day? Are there any awesome friends that I've completely forgotten?

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