Dec 10, 2012


The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Book Tour: Review & GIVEAWAY

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After watching her mother brutally killed before her by creatures she never believed existed, Chloe Kallistrate is sent to live with her grandfather in a community of people who live to destroy those like the monsters who murdered her mother: vampires. Sent by her father to capture her for unknown purposes, they continue to bombard the community with vicious attacks while Chloe trains and learns to accept her heritage as a vampire hunter. But being half hunter and half the creature she lives to destroy comes with some odd talents. As more people are hurt trying to save her from the attacks, she has to make a choice: stay with the only family she has left, or hand herself over to the monster who created her.

I thought that this book was very interesting, especially in the way it was arranged. Six "parts" that are shaped like extremely long chapters make up the collection, each one having a slightly different focus. The entire novel is based in Chloe's perspective, showing how she grows from a clueless girl to an almost trained hunter still coming into her abilities.

I really enjoyed discovering Chloe's heritage and gifts along with her, as well as the way Jennifer Malone Wright was able to integrate some bits of classical mythology while putting her own twist on it. It was wonderful to get to know all of the characters, especially Drew, her grandfather, Luke, and eventually Oscar as well. I felt so bad for a certain green-eyed somebody when we learned about the pain he had to deal with throughout his childhood and was ready to tear the head off of the woman that caused it right along with Chloe.

Most of all, I really appreciated that Chloe's father, Trevor, wasn't painted as a completely soulless monster. Yes, everything he was planning was horrible, but every character should have the chance to tell their story, even if we believe them to be evil.

Rating: 4 stars its my turn. After spending several long, tiring, hours in the middle of the night cramming to finish this book, I have grown attached to the book. There is nothing like spending time with a book in the long hours of the night to get you attached to it. Am I right or am I right? Of course, I am right.
   Now, for my review about the book.

    Thanks to Taylor, you all now know what this book is about. THANK YOU! It  keeps me from having to repeat what you all already know. So by now you all know about Chloe Kallistrate, the girl who was raised for fourteen years who wakes up one day by her mother at 2:47 a.m. You all know that learns about her heritage as a vampire hunter. Funny thing that....She is a vampire hunter and she just happens to be half vampire. Talk about a plot twist. Now, you all know that she ends up witnessing her mother, the Great Felicia Kallistrate , being murdered by the very same creatures that she used to hunt.

     Now, don't get me wrong, I liked the book. As a vampire fan, I truly loved the original twist that went with this book. There really aren't that many half-vampire vampire hunter's that come into this world. Now allow me to state what I loved about the book.

     I loved the characters  No book is complete without a hot male figure who can kick some serious.....butt. Obviously I am talking about Drew. Then there is the loving grandfather figure in Luke. I seriously love that man. Who wouldn't?

    And finally we have, Chloe. The half-vampire girl who wants to kill her father, the vampire who wants to drink her blood on the day of her 16th birthday so as to be able to walk in out into the daylight. Now, can we have a round of applause for daughter-father bonding? I have to admit though, the fact that she was able to live for a year with her father and keep from murdering him altogether, is quite an accomplishment. I admire the way she has the courage to manage that. Kudos to Ms.Wright.

Rating: 3 Stars


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A copy of the novel was provided for us in exchange for an honest review.

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