Nov 15, 2012


Author Spotlight #1: Jackson Pearce

Even though I have read very little of this author, I absolutely love her. Everything she does is incredibly hilarious and so creative that it's not even funny. Wait. Did I just contradict myself?

The first (and only, sadly) book that I've read from her isn't even a book. I discovered her writing through a short story called "Things About Love" that she published in Enthralled. I loved it. I'd never met any of the characters before, but that didn't really matter because they were so easy to love.

The reason that I continue to love her so much even though I haven't read very many of her books is because of her incredible Youtube vlogs. They are hilarious. I don't think there's a single one in over 200 that I haven't laughed at. Even more than that, she's very willing to give us all a keen insight on how an author's world works. Here are some of the best ones:

Stuff Non-Writers Say

Sh*t Writers Say


Writers' Blok (Parody)

Naming Characters

Imaginary Writing Process

And finally....

Amazon FAIL (or Twilight Made Me Gay)

This woman is a comedic genius, crazy pet lover, and an incredibly talented writer all in one. I don't know how she does it!

If you want to find her....

Goodreads                                                         Website

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