Oct 18, 2012


Attractive Characters #7: Dimitri Belikov

I have always said that foreign guys are attractive and more mature than what we here in America know. For one, foreign guys are seemingly more attractive because they almost always know another language. What person would not be attracted to that? Plus, they might have grown up with different customs and so they are capable of teaching us so much. This very reason is why I have grown to love young, handsome, and Russian Dimitri Belikov AKA Dimka (no, I will never understand Russian nicknames). He’s a character in Richelle Meade’s Vampire Academy series.

Dimitri is a main character who is a Guardian. That means that he knows some serious kick-butt moves that involve decapitation, and staking. Sounds harsh? Well, when dealing with Strigoi, undead, evil vampires who take innocent lives, that’s what is necessary to survive. Ok, allow me to elaborate because I am probably confusing the cheese out of you.
In the Vampire Academy series, there are two different kinds of vampires: the Moroi and the Strigoi. As I have already made clear, the Strigoi are the ones who are evil and are the very stereotype of nasty, evil, blood-drinkers that many people seem to associate vampires with. Moroi are the good vampires who only drink blood in small amounts when feeding. They have elemental magic, such as control over water, air, fire, earth and even spirit. The Strigoi don’t making them even more….dead.
Due to the unnatural Strigoi, the Guardians are the ones who protect the Moroi from being attacked and murdered by the Strigoi. This is the job of Guardian Belikov. He is one of the best at the school he teaches at: St. Vladimir’s Academy. Dimitri is Russian and from Siberia where he grew up. Hence the reason I started off by explaining why foreign people are considered more attractive. And this Guardian is.  Make no mistake about that.
Dimitri is described as having a tall, toned, physique with brown eyes and hair. He can best all and any other Guardian trainer. He is considered an intimidating person when he is first introduced but he turns out to be a calm, patient, loving guy with a sense of humor. His partner in crime, ok one of his students, Rose Hathaway, gave him the nickname Comrade because of his Russian background. More of his nicknames include, Cradle Robber, Anti-Social God, and Sergeant Boring Borscht. Obviously his nicknames are seemingly accurate, at least the majority are. Granted, he takes his job seriously and so he hardly ever jokes during a lesson but in general? He is one of the most open and fun loving people you could ever meet. That is in books. Real life…? Maybe not. But hey! One can always dream.

To learn more about this amazing godlike man, read the Vampire Academy Series  by Richelle Meade. 


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