Sep 25, 2012


Attractive Characters #6: Ashallyn' darkmyr Tallyn (Ash) - Prince of the Unseelie Court


The prince of the Winter Fey. 

Ashallyn’ darkmyr Tally, also known as Ash, is a fey that is consumed by his need to obey his mother, the vicious Queen Mab of the Unseelie Court. He loves the wyldwood and refuses to live at Court with his brothers, Rowan and Sage (Yes, they are named after trees....). Ash has chilling powers and a dark legacy, which he uses to perpetually ward off those who he does not like. 

His silver-grey eyes are enough to stop you cold, yet still wanting more. You might want to check your pulse. He is majorly handsome. Small drawback though: he is beyond serious. He makes Percy Weasley seem eccentric. Another small, teeny, disadvantage is that he is slow to trust anyone. He makes a powerful ally due to his status but he also makes... a dangerous lover and friend.

That small saying? About who you trust? Yeah, he takes that to the extreme.


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