Aug 24, 2012


Attractive Characters #3: Harry Potter

       Now, to be frank, I am a fan of the "dark-haired, dark-eyed" male population. I don't mind blondes, nor do I intend to be biased, but that is just the truth of the matter. I like those types of guys.... that might be why I am such a fan of Harry Potter. Yes, I am speaking of the wizard who was born to Lily and James Potter, was a victim of attempted murder, and who is mostly famous for his lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. That Harry Potter. The one and only. The Magnificent. The Hottie.

     Allow me to elaborate some more. Harry James Potter is the protagonist of the seven Harry Potter books, by the author J.K Rowling. The reason that I enjoy reading about this character is because he is attractive. Not just in the physical sense. Harry has that... charm, I suppose you could say, that makes people automatically like him. Except for the Dursley's, obviously. But he is loyal, honest, and awkward. There are a plenty amount of guys out there with this description, but Harry seems to ooze these three qualities.

        He is loyal.
               He is.
      Harry sticks by his fellow wrongdoers (Ron and Hermione) with a loyalty that is astonishing. He never lets them down, regardless of how bad the situation might be. For example, in book four, he and Ron get into an argument that almost severs their friendship. Neither spoke to the other, and both were miserable, but they both made up. He could have remained cold-shouldered to Ron for longer and even severed their friendship for good, but he didn't. With Sirius Black, his godfather, he stands by him when the entirety of the wizarding world convicts him as a mass murderer. Now, that is the definition of loyalty. Stand by a murderer.

    He is honest.
           He is.
         Honesty is one of the character traits for the students of Gryffindor, and Harry wears it well. Sure, he has told a little white lie for getting out of trouble, but who counts those? Apparently not him, seeing as how many times he had to tell one to avoid detention. But honesty wise, he is chock full of it. When Lord Voldemort returned from his... ghost like form, he told the whole world. Wizard world, that is.  Granted, he had to tell someone how Cedric Diggory died, but that fact still remains that he actually told everyone when he suspected that no would believe him. He turned out to be right, but that didn't prevent him from giving up.

  He is awkward.
         He is.
       As I said before, many guys are awkward. Teenage guys, adult guys, even little children can be awkward and gangly. Harry beats them all in this area but he does it in a charming manner that makes one think of how sure he is. When he is in the back of McGonagal's classroom sparring with Ron, this let's everyone know that he just like any other boy who hates doing work. Plus, once he hits his teenage years, he even tries to ask the hot and popular Cho Chang to the Yule Ball. That turns out to be a failure considering that he was up against the hot and popular Cedric Diggory.

        And his good looks just add to this charm.


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